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Next conference

December 3, 2009

The next conference will be held in Brejlov (Prague), Czech Republic on 13th–18th September, 2010. See the official webpage for more details.



New git repository

July 17, 2009

For those who love source code…

There is now a new git repository with the full context source code at There are two branches one with the stable release of context (aka current) and one with the beta release. Just do this:

git clone

Now you have all stable releases since 10/1997 and all beta releases since 5/2009. The stable branch is the default branch, to switch to the beta branch you can do something like

git checkout -b beta origin/beta

update 2009-07-17: The repository is synchronized every day shortly after midnight. So todays stable will be there tomorrow morning.


News from the ConTeXt meeting

August 24, 2008

We are having a good time at the context meeting in Bohinj, Slovenia! Besides the talks you can find on the webpage, we have other interesting talks and event:

  • Discussion about distributing context
  • Excursion to a technical museum (we’ve made a TeX glyph) and a very impressive cave
  • An attempt to design a (new) logo for context
  • All kinds of discussions while sitting at a bonfire

To put it in two words, the meeting is “just great”.