mailing list down

You have already noticed that the mailing list (which is kindly hosted by the ntg) is currently down. This can’t be considered “news” anymore, but I just want to let you know that the admins are working on it.

Update: please use the comments below to discuss where we can talk in the meantime. Should we start an temporary google group? A yahoo discussion group?



6 Responses to “mailing list down”

  1. Taco Says:

    Hi Patrick,

    Well, it is probably not worth it to start an infrastructure elsewhere. It’ll take most people too long to catch on anyway, and I am sure everybody who needs help knows how to reach Wolfgang by regular email anyway đŸ™‚

  2. Rick Says:

    No Yahoo Group please. What about ?

  3. Derek Cordeiro Says:

    Would it be too much of a hassle to move to a google groups or as pointed above, to freelists temporarily?

    Just needed a clarification on why layers don’t repeat on all pages in Mk IV(works with Mk II)

    ConTeXt ver: 2009.07.22 21:46 MKIV fmt: 2009.8.3 int: english/english

  4. contextgarden Says:

    I think we can wait two more days and get the old context mailing list back.

  5. Taco Says:

    Since yesterday evening, all the lists are running again.

  6. contextgarden Says:

    I have cleaned up the mailinglist archive at and removed spam and the “welcome to the ntgtemp” messages.

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