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For those who love source code…

There is now a new git repository with the full context source code at There are two branches one with the stable release of context (aka current) and one with the beta release. Just do this:

git clone

Now you have all stable releases since 10/1997 and all beta releases since 5/2009. The stable branch is the default branch, to switch to the beta branch you can do something like

git checkout -b beta origin/beta

update 2009-07-17: The repository is synchronized every day shortly after midnight. So todays stable will be there tomorrow morning.


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  1. Jürgen Fenn (juergenfenn) 's status on Friday, 17-Jul-09 19:11:43 UTC - Says:

    […] gibt ein neues git-Repository für ConTeXt-Quellcode: […]

  2. CRE 127, Eitan M. Gurari, Detexify^2, TeXworks, TeX Live 2009, MacTeX, PDF-Tools, KOMA-Script, Memoir, l2kurz auf Persisch, LuaTeX, ConTeXt, Zotero, Zeitschriftenbeiträge « TeX & Friends Says:

    […] im ConTeXtgarden-Blog. Herzlichen Glückwunsch, und vielen Dank an die Maintainer! Außerdem gibt es jetzt ein Git-Repository, das den gesamten ConTeXt-Quelltext bereitstellt. Es wird täglich kurz […]

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